Tuesday, 22 October 2013

DIY: iPhone Cases

You may remember that a while ago, we were over the moon bat shit nuts about Washi Tape. Well, we've been so busy but we've finally found an afternoon to work a little DIY-magic with them. 
We loveeee our iPhones, and we especially love switching up our phone cases. We got plain, white cases from that bargain shop on the second floor of Cineleisure for only $2 each and brought out our craft tools for this little project. 

Detailed shots right this way - - - - 

Some studs, glue, Washi Tape and we're ready to rock & roll. Washi Tape is incredible for its reusability so even if you mess up, you can rip 'em out and start over again.


I didn't want anything overly fancy because my iPhone is often vulnerable to smashing on the ground, mainly from the height of my own hands, or getting stains from food leftover on my fingertips.. Ha ha ha gross. I went with a simple and clean look here! Gotta love the floral motifs. Some would say it's "totally me". Who says that? Me, basically.

I've always been a fan of studs. I like them on bags especially and I've also added them onto a pair of denim shorts before. Since I had some lying around, I thought I'd use them for my iPhone case. I used glue to stick them down onto the case in a triangular shape before sticking the pink washi tape diagonally and trimming them neatly around the edges.

Like the many others who've seen me using this, I bet you're thinking "Won't the studs hurt your hands?!". Surprisingly they don't and I'm kinda addicted to rubbing them. It's quite soothing actually hahaha.  

And that's my final product! Easy Peasy - did it in half an hour (mainly because we were rushing lol).

Show us your DIY iPhone cases please! In the meantime, we'll be sourcing for more design inspirations. You'll probably find us stocking up on those $2 plain phone cases. They're the best.

Be back in a couple of days,
Shairah & Yun
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