Wednesday, 3 July 2013

June Is My Favorite.

Happy Birthday to Me! 

This post is going to be about my birthday week and I'm 23 years old! I can no longer sing Taylor Swift's (Taytay) (Swifty) (T-Swifty) (Best Friend) "22" song. Pity. I was just only starting to catch onto it. 

So here's a disclaimer or two for the post: 1) There are *loads* of photos under the cut 2) This is the most narcissistic I'll ever get on this blog 3) You'll learn a lot about me from this post. 

Ready? Let's go! 

June 26th, Wednesday
Grunge night out at Zouk

If you haven't heard of 90's night at Zouk (every Wednesday), you're really missin' out on something cray. The dance floor may be emptier than it should be, people there may not be as enthusiastic than us, but we just love to dress up and dance a couple of hours. And I mean...... we really dance. Every night out ends up being a cardio session.

And of course we needed a theme. 

Most of us aren't too big on alcohol - Illya doesn't even drink - so I thought we could make fun and enjoyable (not the kind that burns your throat) party drinks before we headed to Zouk. Shasha made deadly jello shots and Mackers soaked gummy bears in vodka for 2 nights. The sangria I attempted to make DID NOT TURN OUT THE WAY I'D PLANNED :( I later found it would taste best if the fruits have ample time to chill in the fridge. Oh well, next time! 

And yes...we really enjoy Ruffles. 

June 27th, Thursday
Korean BBQ

Okay so for my birthday, I made sure I got to eat all the food I usually don't - Korean, Thai, Mexican... so I forced (politely suggested) that we had Korean BBQ together :D 

Doris taught me how to wrap the beef bulgogi wrapped with lettuce and top it with garlic, onion and sweet yumz chili. One thing I always feared about Korean BBQ is the amount of...grease. The only other time I've tried Korean BBQ left me with an oily and stinky mess that I almost had a fear. I probably just wasn't doing it right LOLOLOL

Happy & Healthy

Meet Doris, Jopey and Peng. Not exactly their real names. 

1. Doris was a name bestowed upon Qing Ling as a child and I believe I'm the only person on the planet who calls her that because I know she hates it :D 

2. Joanne is Jopey because I was obsessed with Dopey (Snow White) when we were 14 years old. And...somehow made it her responsibility to be my substitute of the Disney character.

We've been friends for NINE YEARS now :O We plan to do a trip next year to commemorate the 10th year TEEHEEEEEE 

June 28th, Friday
Lunch at JaiThai on Purvis Street

Meet the faces I see at work everyday! They're a fabulous bunch who keep me from losing my head. And they let me disturb them, daily. 

Dapper-looking Marc and his #OOTD, desserts after lunch, Kim dishing yummy fish for a happy Tezel, me + the awesome possum Melissa

Fiona, being insane. My caption on Instagram for this picture: "COME TO WORK SHOW BRA"
This was only the second time I tried JaiThai - there are way too many Thai food places in Singapore - and I still love it. They have the freshest and tastiest fried fish with Tamarind sauce. Hungry now. Gonna be having Thai again tomorrow night and on Saturday. I miss Phuket! 

June 29th, Saturday (birthday!) 
Kate Spade themed brunch at Cafe Melba

Kate Spade is probably my biggest inspiration for most things. The way I dress, talk, eat, walk and am. I love their strong messages about being an independent, flirty, courageous woman and how you can be empowered and take control in any situation.

I obviously also love the Kate Spade look, and my dearest Soon Lee girls planned a wonderful Kate Spade themed brunch on my actual birthday :) I love how they went the mile to come up with outfits, especially Shairah who braved the humidity and wore polka dotted stockings. WHICH SHE LATER PUBLICLY TOOK OFF - 

This is the "courageous" side of the Kate Spade girl (trying to be kind here) (HAHA JK) See everyone's awesome outfits here.

From top right - Mag (Mackers), Pris (Passy), Shairah (Shasha), Illya and Camy (Cammie)

Yes, one of my hobbies include giving my friends ridiculous nicknames. I'll now officially be referring to Shairah as Shasha on the blog - it was been agonizing having to type "Shairah" repeatedly for the past 6 months when I don't even call her that in person! 


The girls gave me Kate Spade's Favorite Things book!!!!!!! I'd been wanting this for the longest time, but was always waiting for The Book Depository to throw some insane sale (which has yet to happen, boo!) 

The food at Cafe Melba was pretty good! Not the best but good enough for a happy brunch. We tried the Liquid Desserts, which we kept referring to as Liquid Buffet, of Peanut Butter & Jelly and Strawberry Cheesecake. Sinful. Delightful but sinful. Try them on an empty stomach.

July 1st, Monday
Mexican-Salsa Picnic 

I need to tell everyone about my dearest friend Aina. We've been friends since we were 17, and we share an insane bond over... most things. I've never seen Aina cry, not because she is very strong, nor is she dead inside, but because she has great control on her emotions. Unlike myself. I can't think of anyone I haven't bawled in front of.

Anyways. This is just a little shout-out to her because I know it'll make her day. Love you Aina-banana :) Thanks for always being the best-est friend you can be to me. AND THANKS FOR GETTING OUR FRIENDS TOGETHER FOR DIZ HOMEMADE PARTY!

Homemade chili fries (using an air fryer! Go healthy or go home), toppings for homemade fish tacos, Domino's pizza

Not pictured: homemade churros and homemade cupcakes. I LOVE A HOMEMADE PARTY!!!!!!!!!! Aina and I have been friends throughout Poly and her family is huge on cooking and feasting. The only way to live. Lately, her sister Alia - they have an online store, check it out! - has been super obsessed with churros. Not complaining. I love me some good churros. 

Cuties from left - Aina, Nadiah, Alia making a sexy face, Rizzy (Rizar)

Middle picture - Huda, Yana, Ilham
These are my Malay friends. Haha! One fun fact about me, or something you'd know if we're friends, is that I love Malays. I don't wanna be Malay or anything, I've just naturally been drawn to them since I can remember. I love that they're all for sharing and spending time together. I hate discrimination against Malays (i.e: stupid, lazy, racist, terrorist) because I know the people that I know, and they're none of the above. 

Ainul and Fatin are in Perth and Japan studying now, and I wish they could've been there! I'll be heading to Perth and Melbourne in August/Sep so I can't wait to have the most kickin' time with Ainul. 

June 28th, Friday
Poptart! At Zouk

I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves here. 

Shots face - Andrea, Thal, Rach and Juls, Cher's possessed dancing, dancing up on the DJ deck like freaks, Juls and Andrea hiding from the creepy guy who kept hitting on them 

Mya ordered a bottle-full of Sour Plum shots...hence the face.

And here are some snippets from the rest of my week -

I really want this bike from Cat Socrates *starry eyed*
Cammie and our furry friend. Cat Socrates has got to be one of our favorite stores.

The haze from Indonesia was making lunch hours at work a complete drag. So I suggested a pot luck! More people joined in than planned and I made stir-fried broccoli with shrimp. It was such a wonderful day.

Hadn't gone for Baybeats in years and when I saw the line-up this year, I immediately included it in my diary. I used to love Electrico and Candice and I would attend all the small gigs. This was apparently their first time in TEN YEARS performing at Baybeats! Loved that Masashi Kimura jumped on stage. I don't know why I'm publicly acknowledging this fact, but I used to have the biggest crush on him and his stage presence made the set amazing.

After the show, we went to try on shoes at New Look. Naturally. Still thinking if I should get those white pumps! Help? 
Alright! That's that. Hope you enjoyed my crazy-lengthy post (birthday plus more!). I would post more but my eyes are glazing over from staring at the screen for too long. 

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